The Unseen – Who Do You Trust?


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A DEVIOUS PARTY GAME FOR ADULTS – A social deduction party game that turns friend against friend as a secret cult attempts to take over your town. Will the villagers be able to determine the cult leader’s identity before it’s too late?
A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO REGULAR MURDER MYSTERY GAMES – 5 to 20 players, so everyone can get in on the fun. No player eliminations.
LEARN WHICH FRIENDS ARE THE MOST DEVIOUS – Think you know when your friend is lying? True identities will be revealed as players are forced to sow lies and deceit to win!
EASY TO LEARN – Players are given a Role Card and a Brainwashed Card. These determine which team the player is on. Then each player draws an Action that lets them gain info on another player or share their info with another player.
WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! – 20 Role Cards, 20 Brainwashed Cards, and 20 Action Cards and 1 instruction booklet.

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