Handbook for the Recently Deceased: Beetlejuice Prop Notebook Journal


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★ SURPRISE people around you with this classic BEETLEJUICE Notebook Journal ★

Ideal for daily use, taking notes, doodling, sketching
6 x 9 – Easy to Carry – Perfect for your cosplay needs
Below classic introduction is included inside the book. Makes for a great gift idea!


Congratulations! You’re dead!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your afterlife. Not everyone who dies becomes a ghost, but there are many, many more ghosts in the world around you than you may have realized. You can chalk it up to living-privilege bias; live people ignore the strange and unusual. Naturally, functional parameters vary from manifestation to manifestation. But as you make your way through your ethereal existence, you will no doubt find a style of haunting that suits your personality, disposition, and ectoplasmic make-up.

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