Zombies Want Pizza


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  • GREAT FOR FAMILY GAME NIGHT – A horde of hungry zombies are heading your way. But they don’t want brains. They want the grossest pizza you can create.
  • ONE PLAYER IS THE ZOMBIE, THE REST ARE PIZZA CHEFS – The chef with the most disgusting pizza wins! The losing chefs are eaten for dessert.
  • USE WEIRD INGREDIENTS TO MAKE THE WORLD’S MOST DISGUSTING PIZZA – Cards have ingredients such as dead flies, skunk spray, nose hair, dirty underwear, and more. Mix them to make the grossest pizza the world has ever seen!
  • Zombies Want Pizza is a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient
  • 3-5 PLAYERS, AGES 10+, 15+ MINS TO PLAY – Includes 99 pizza ingredient cards and 1 instruction card.

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