Hocus Pocus “Book of Spells” notebook journal 


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SURPRISE people around you with this Hocus PocusBook of Spells” notebook journal ★

  • Ideal for daily use, taking notes, drawings, doodles.
  • Please note this is a non-textured, low-price version, also ideal for your cosplay needs.
  • Below classic introduction is included inside the book

One of the easiest and most useful spells is for protection. This is a circle of salt for protection. It is helpful learning how to “cast a circle” before any spells, rituals or workings of any kind.

You need 1) salt, 2) concentration, 3) Full Moon

Steps: On a full moon, bring your salt outside, start by the front door. Move in a clockwise motion, from your front door around your house, while you sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your home. Remember not to pour salt on plants and grass. While you are doing this, say out loud

In the time, on this hour

I fill this salt with ancient power

With this salt a circle is made, 

To protect all within both night an day.

No evil shall pass, no spirit shall see

All whose in this circle. So mote it be!

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